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The difference between building a home that you live in and a home that you love to live in is in getting the details right the first time.

Here are some things to consider:


There is a reason that “North facing” homes are so desirable in Canberra. When your living areas are positioned correctly, the right rooms will be filled with warmth and light in winter – reducing heating costs and creating inviting living spaces. Custom built homes will also take note of the block’s surroundings when orienting your home – considering surrounding trees, views, incline and neighbouring houses.


Having larger eaves can prevent your home from heating up in summer.


You already know quality lighting will save you money on energy efficiency, but did you know that the right colour temperature can change the way you feel in a space? Warm lighting mimics sunlight so we naturally prefer it. It is also flattering as it brings out the warmth in human skin.


You may not notice it consciously but the house flows better and feels less cluttered when the little things correspond. For example having doorknobs that match and open the same way will help you move through your home with ease.

Tap ware

In our years of building, we have noticed that tap ware is one of the first things to wear out in a home. That is why we offer high quality German tap ware as our basic inclusion. Opting for high quality tap ware may seem exuberant in the first instance, but it is one of the easiest ways to save money and be environmentally conscious.

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