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The way that Australians interact with their yards has changed over time. As block sizes become smaller, people are becoming more conscious of making use of the space they have, leading to well designed alfresco areas which are great for entertaining and relaxing.

When we help to build your house, we don’t stop at your back door. We take the time to consider the outdoors to make sure that your home is complete when we’re finished.

Here is some inspiration for different ways to use your outdoor space.


There was a time when any cement slab scattered with chairs was considered a patio. Now, it is common to see a designated alfresco area built right into the floor plans of the house, with electricity and plumbing included. When choosing to incorporate a patio, consider how it will interact with the indoor living space and whether you can create more atmosphere by facing the patio out to a pleasing outlook.

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor rooms are becoming a central place to entertain. In addition to the beloved barbeque, there are now options for an outdoor kitchen set up complete with a sink, fridge or even a wood-fire oven. Made of robust materials, there is a variety of appliances designed specifically for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Fire pit

Fire Pit

Living in a cooler climate, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Many clients are opting for built-in fire pits to entertain guests on frosty nights. Built-in benches and paving can create an inviting and intimate winter space.

Reflection Pond

A reflection pond is shallow garden water feature, characterised by the flat, calm surface which is generally unbroken by spouts or jets. This appealing pool brings a peaceful, luxurious quality to your home. Reflection ponds give the space a sense of significance and create a calming effect. Most often, our clients have opted for a customised rectangular pond that you can walk across, but there are countless ways a reflection pond could create interest in any garden or entry.

See some of our inspiring creations on the design portfolio page.

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