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Our interior designers spend their days walking clients through the process of piecing together their homes, based on beautiful inspiration, and the client’s requests and creative ideas.

They can assist with the whole process, from the hard materials right through to the soft furnishings and finishing touches.

Here are the Classic Constructions' top five tips in interior design:

  1. Don’t be too swayed by current trends – “cookie cutter” homes tend to age much faster.
  2. If you’re on a budget, spend more on your bathroom and kitchen – they cost the most and so you won’t be updating them in a hurry.
  3. Keep your base neutral – off whites or light shades are a great way to create a tone so you have more options to create interest with your finishes and furnishings. You’re also less likely to grow tired with it.
  4. Keep a consistent theme throughout the home. This creates a comfortable ambience. Conflicting tones can feel busy.
  5. Don’t be afraid of colour – especially in your soft furnishings, curtains, art and additions. It can give your home a unique personality.
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