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You’ve come to the right place. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you'd like to know more, call us and speak to one of our friendly staff. That’s what we’re here for.

Q. Can I start designing my new home before land settlement?

A. Yes. We can begin the design and selections, and once settlement is complete we can approve the plans and start building.

Q. Can I have access to my new home during construction?

A. Yes of course, however safety on our building sites is our highest priority, so all site visits are made via an appointment. We can go over this in more detail when you come in and chat with us.

Q. What are the prices of the homes on your website?

A. They are all custom so it depends. Once we see how the home fits on your land and what inclusions you would like we can give you a price. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Q. Do you have more floor plans I can look at?

A. Yes! We have created hundreds of houses with all sorts of sizes and prices. We have built on a range of blocks too. When we see your land and your needs we can show you floor plans with all the requirements you ask for.

Q. What freebies and giveaways do you offer?

A. Most freebies and giveaways are a gimmick companies use to get your business. Sometimes they are even put in the price later down the track. Instead, we are open and honest, giving you the best price upfront.

Q. I know picking the right builder is important, what are your warranties and structural guarantees?

A. Make sure you select a builder with a proven track record. We have a warranty of 180 days and a 6-year structural guarantee under the home warranty insurance.

Q. What is home warranty insurance and do I need it?

A. While there is no substitute for a good builder, home warranty insurance is important too. It is mandatory and we have it for every home we build.

Q. What dollar square metre rate ($m2) should I use when working on my budget?

A. The $m2 can vary dramatically depending on size, design and inclusions of your new home. We can show you how much your home will cost once we have met and defined your needs.

Q. Do I need a survey of my land? What about soil testing?

A. Yes. The survey report will allow us to design and build the home, while the soil test is for the engineering. We will do both for you.

Q. How will I know what to look for when I am buying a Knockdown/ Re-build block?

A. As there are so many things to consider, we have created a process to help you. We meet with you and go over your requirements together. When you think you have found the right block we will review it with you and see if it will work.

Q. Canberra has a minimum 6 star energy rating. Do you design homes with higher ratings and how high can the star rating go?

A. We build lots of homes with a rating higher than the 6 star minimum. Depending on your design and budget, we can go much higher. We will go over your needs and budget when you come in. You’d be surprised by what you can do these days.


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