True efficiency comes from experience

We know how important energy efficiency can be for your new home. It is a big reason many of our clients want to custom build. To ensure we maximise the efficiency in every aspect of your home, we work closely with energy assessors and stay at the forefront of building technology and ideas. 

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Top 6 Considerations

1. Priorities

Before we start, we have to understand how your family lives. This will help us create the home you want. For example are you entertainers? Would you like a pool, tennis court or somewhere to keep your caravan? Designing a home based on your lifestyle reduces waste on the things that aren't important and more importantly, it adds to your life satisfaction.

2. Block Orientation

It's no secret that having a north facing home will be more comfortable and cost-effective. The trouble is, in Canberra the best views and outlooks don't often face north. Our architects and builders can work together to find the best position for your house on your specific block.

3. Design

With our experience with custom building and our team of architects and home designers, we can design you an energy efficient home on any block. But some blocks are more suited to super energy efficient homes. Working with experts from the outset before you even select a block will give you the widest set of options.

4. Construction Methods and Materials

Our energy efficient homes use conventional construction methods and the highest quality materials and trades. We are also at the cutting edge of Passivhaus concepts and have built with specialty eco friendly products such as Ecoblock, concrete "sandwich" panels, Exsulite, Hebel and more. Once we know what you want to achieve, we can give you guidance on the best construction method and materials.

5. Insulation

We use high-grade insulation in the ceiling and walls of all our homes. Upgrading your insulation density and type is a great value way to gain noticeable improvements in the energy efficiency of your home. Our energy assessors can make sure they are the most suitable for your home.

6. Windows

Your windows will influence the way you feel in your home, so choosing the right ones is important. The trouble is it can be very confusing because there are so many options on the market. To help you through the process we have an expert team in house, and trusted experts and suppliers in the industry who can guide you towards the best choice for glazing and framing.

Energy-efficient inclusions

Plumbing, electrics and heating/cooling

The items you use every day in your home have a dramatic affect on your energy costs. Quality plumbing materials, LED lights and the appropriate heating and cooling system all make a huge difference. The right combination will be cheaper and more robust in the long run so we like to use materials that have lasting value

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