Communication is key

We know it’s easier to deliver the home you want when we understand your requirements. That is why we always make the time to talk to you. We are friendly too; so don’t be afraid to ask us anything.

& Design

  1. 1.1 Initial Consultation

    The initial meeting allows us to get to know each other. Rather than trying to make you fit a set plan, we want you to tell us exactly what you want. It is our Project Advisor’s job to listen to your wants, needs and expectations about building. That way, we can formulate a plan together based on your budget, lifestyle and requirements.

    We can even help you with your block selection, and house and land opportunities. This includes knock-down rebuilds too. We know what to look for to ensure we can build the home you want based on factors such as size, slope and building codes and regulations.

  2. 1.2 Home Design

    Here is where it gets exciting! Now that we have a plan and know your needs, you’ll sit down with our architect to refine your design. Our architects, designers and builders are in constant contact to make sure all our designs are practical and realistic. That means you can make unique requests and we will work to make it possible. Our interior designer will guide you to plan your finishes to create a home to fit you, rather than a home to ‘fit in.’

  3. 1.3 Home build quote

    While we’re planning your home together, we keep your budget in mind. When we provide you with our quote for your home with all your inclusions, we ensure it is comprehensive. We are transparent, and as accurate as possible. We know that the expectations we set with you now will affect your experience with the rest of the build so we put everything on the table for you.

    You’ll have plenty of time to review the quote and contract, so you can sign it when you’re happy.

  4. 1.4 Project pre-construction

    Before we begin construction, you have the opportunity to go through the plans, finishes and inclusions thoroughly so that you have the control to approve and finalise all elements of the build. We value last minute inspiration and innovation so make sure you tell us exactly what you want.

    Meanwhile, we will take care of the building approval process so you don’t have to worry.

& Manage

  1. 2.1 Construction Commences

    Now that the plans are in place, we can begin the build. When we pass you onto the construction team, we perform a comprehensive project hand over. You get to meet your friendly construction team, including your Construction Supervisor, Project Administrator, and Construction Manager who will be in contact with you during the build.

  2. 2.2 Home Construction

    Building time! There is something really special about watching your home come together. During the process, you will have on-site meetings at the significant steps with the Construction Supervisor. Want to ask a question? Ask anything - that is what we’re here for.

& Support

  1. 3.1 Practical Completion

    Before you move in, we take extra steps to make sure you’re satisfied. We’ll take you through a final inspection, walking through your home together. The big moment arrives sooner than you think. You will then have a home handover where you receive the keys to your home!

    Finally, we take you through a home demonstration to introduce you to the finer details of your home. We will even give you handy hints for upkeep and maintenance.

  2. 3.2 Move in

    Now it is time to really make the house yours. Add your own personal touches until it feels like home. Our interior designers can give you advice on style and colour if you would like guidance. We can even help you with custom furniture if you’re looking for something particular. Don’t be afraid to ask!

  3. 3.3 Follow-up

    At the end of the process, we always feel that we’ve built something special together. That relationship with you doesn’t have an expiry date. If there are any maintenance issues, we have an extra length- 180 day- period where we can iron out any kinks. But you can always give us a call just for a follow up. We love hearing from our clients.


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