5 Fireplace trends

Since fire was first discovered, mankind has always gathered around it, to swap stories, share food and wine, or simply gaze into the flames.

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So it’s no surprise that a fireplace continues to be a must-have item for homes, significantly adding to a home’s resale value and creating a stylish focal point and entertaining feature. Here are 5 trends that we’re seeing popular amongst our clients.

Double-sided fireplaces

See-through, or doubled-sided fireplaces are a popular trend, adding a new approach in home décor. See-through styles offer light and heat on both sides of a wall, with the fireplace serving as a focal point for two rooms, or as a divider for larger areas, such as the dining and living rooms or master bedroom and bathroom.

Larger size fireplaces

Influenced by the advent of widescreen television sets, fireplaces are also getting bigger, with the trend towards classic clean-face units and wider dimensions.

Higher up

Some consumers are putting their fireplaces higher up on the wall, just like a television. New technology is also allowing homeowners to insert enclosed gas fireplaces anywhere in the house including bedrooms and bathrooms.

Linear fireplaces

This trend is still popular in contemporary homes for creating a striking style statement. They can be flush mounted into the wall or onto the floor and can even be placed in the centre of the room, so that you can observe the fire from all sides.

Stacked stone

Stone finishing continues to be a popular choice thanks to the availability of thin stone veneer that can recreate the look of natural stone without the cost and weight issues. Another trend is stacked stone fireplaces with the TV above it—addressing the issue of where to create the focal point in a room.