Building a dual living home

We’ve built houses to accommodate a variety of different dual living scenarios, ranging from building a second home on the block to accommodating for extended families, long term visitors, aged parents, or units within the home for extra rent.

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There are three different ways to create a dual living situation:

Dual Occupancy

Two dwellings on one block.

In the ACT, zoning rules for RZ2 blocks of 800m2 or larger allow you to build two houses on the same block. These can be sold off as separate deeds. Rezoning rules have recently changed, reducing the minimum size to 700m2 for some ‘Mr Fluffy’ affected blocks surrendered under the Buyback Program. If you’re interested in this option, we can assess your block to make sure the homes we build make the best use of aspect, space and the environment while ensuring privacy. This is a great idea for downsizers who want to stay in an established suburb and make some money off the price of the second home.

Secondary suite

Granny flat or pool house.

It has long been a desire to build a small dwelling on the same block as your house to accommodate extra family members such as aging parents or growing teens. This is a great way to give them independence while providing the support they need. They can also be a great option if you have lots of visitors. We like to build dwellings that work well with the block, feel comfortable for their occupants and are aesthetically compatible with the main house. There are many innovative ways to build them. Talk to us to see what we can offer you.

Dual Living Home

Two separate living quarters within one home.

A new and increasingly popular way to build is with two units in one home. They share a roof and walls but may have separate areas including kitchens and bathrooms. They can be flexible designs to accommodate your needs through life. Many can be modified at a low cost if you want to reincorporate the separated spaces. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • A self-contained unit within a larger dwelling. This is great for sharing a property with your children or for downsizers who want to travel the world. You can rent out the rest of the house while maintaining your own personal space so someone is there to maintain your property while you’re away.
  • A lock and forget style home is where a separate floor or wing exists to accommodate a number of guests. When they come to stay, you’re all comfortable. When they leave again, you can close that part of the home up. Easy maintenance!
  • An adaptable home is where your living space is adjustable. This is a popular option if you have long staying visitors. Your guests have a self-contained area while they are with you which converts back into an extra living space when they leave.
  • Multigenerational homes have different wings for separate families under the same roof. These may include separate living areas, bathrooms and kitchens depending on your needs.