Before you start

There is nothing more exciting than creating the home you’ve always wanted. But it can also be a pretty daunting process.

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Here are some considerations to think about before you embark on the journey of building your dream home:

  • Do you want to alter one of our home design plans to suit your needs, or would you prefer to be heavily involved in creating a custom design? We are happy to work either way with you.
  • Do you want to knock down or alter an old house, or buy an entirely new block? As part of our process, we can offer advice before you buy a block, and can even help you find the perfect block to suit your needs.
  • Are you a down-sizer aiming to age gracefully? If so, will stairs, small corridors and raised baths be potentially difficult to manage later in life? This could affect the choices you make in your design.
  • Do you want to build your house in stages or all at once? Houses can be designed to expand with your family. Some people prefer to stage their build for affordability and convenience.
  • Do you want to rent part of the home out for extra income? Many people do this so they can afford their desired home. You can do it short or long term, which would require different customised elements. See Dual Living.
  • Are you passionate about sustainability? There are a number of ways to design a home to be environmentally friendly using recycled materials and smart technology.
  • Do you often have people staying with you? Or a transient family? Do you need a home that can accommodate a diverse number of people at different times?

Before anything else, consider who will be living in your home, what you need and what you value. Everyone has a different situation and enjoys a different aspect of home life.

Our Home builder portal is the perfect start. It asks you the relevant questions and prompts you to think about what you need and want. It also provides you with some inspiration and allows you to upload images of your own.

Our project advisors have also helped hundreds of people land on a design that is perfect for them, and can guide you through options and considerations that you might not have factored in.