Five ways to bring the outdoors into your living space

With bluer skies and sunshine now on the horizon it is a time to cherish our connection to the outdoors. Here are some features that help link homes to their landscaped surroundings, embracing nature and bringing the outside in.

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Outdoor Kitchens

What says summer in Australia more than the smell of a barbecue? And the advantage of having an outdoor kitchen means the whole house doesn’t have to smell of sausages when it is time for a cook-up. Outdoor kitchens are a marvellous place to get your chef on, because who really cares about mess? Food cooked in the sunshine or under the stars also always tastes better.


Few features add as much wow-factor or value to a home as a pool does. And the added advantage is that water therapy enhances everyone’s quality of living. Whether it is getting kids into a chilled pool on a blistering weekend or adults soaking their worries away in a temperature-controlled spa, water works wonders.


The great Australian outdoors bring with it an over-abundance of UV light and risk of sunburn! When planning your home, consider the advantages of an elegant area of built-in shade for enjoying the fresh air without having to wear a wide-brimmed hat all day. If it has some comfortable areas to sit then it’s even better! Verandahs not only mean you can shelter from the midday sun, but they also allow for comfortable seating in all weather—even rain.

A firepit

Where once the ultimate luxury in a home was a fireplace, that now extends to having a landscaped fire-pit to gather around under the stars. More than a place to roast marshmallows, fire pits encourage conversation and deliver warmth. How much better is a chilly Canberra evening than when one can stand by a crackling outdoor fire?

Bifold Doors

What could be easier in terms of inviting the outside in other than folding back a wall of glass? Bifold doors allow the homeowner to literally remove the wall between inside and outside—creating dramatic spaces and a seamless flow onto a deck and alfresco living. Bifold doors are not only easy to operate but they increase natural light and air flow into a home, making them a perfect transition to any garden spaces.