Principles of good kitchen design

The kitchen is one of the biggest investments in your new home, and for good reason.

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Not only is it the heart of your home—where people tend to gather the most, it also needs to be robust, convenient and long lasting. To ensure that your kitchen withstands the test of time and brings you years of cooking and entertaining pleasure, here are a few things you need to consider:

  • A good workspace triangle—that is the distance between the fridge, sink and stovetop. It should be easy to move within this space without obstructions or effort. The fridge should be in the periphery of the space, near the entry so that it is easily accessible for unpacking.
  • Practical storage is crucial to the workability of a kitchen. There needs to be a place for everything that is both accessible and practical. A combination of drawers and cupboards work best and there are some great options on the market that enhance awkward storage areas, such as pull-out corners, built-in spice racks, pull-out bins etc.
  • Materials for bench tops and doors should be hardy, stain, and impact-resistant.
  • Colours and trends should not be followed too closely as kitchens are expensive to update—you need something that will stand the test of time.
  • Quality appliances are a big upfront investment but they will last longer, cause less hiccups, and are more even and precise when cooking meals.
  • Two entries, or one large entry will allow for multiple people to use the kitchen at the same time.
  • Breakfast bar—having a lip overhanging the bench opens the kitchen up for socialising or use as a working bench.
  • Butler’s pantry—a walk in pantry with power points and ample bench space allows you to easily access your kitchen appliances whilst being able to hide the clutter and mess.
  • App savvy-people are opting for additional power points and hooks near their bench space so they can always have access to a good recipe or demonstration on their smart phone or tablet.